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We are currently CLOSED under the advice of the UK Government's COVID-19 Protocol. There's a lot of uncertainty in the air at the moment, but one thing that we know for certain is that physical and mental health is more important now than ever, Therefore it gives us great pleasure to introduce you to our ONLINE gym membership!


At Reasons Fitness we have a very wide variety of equipment.

We have:

- 6 Squat Racks

- 5 Rowers

- 4 Treadmills

- 3 Bikes

- 2 Assault Bikes

- 2 Ski-Ergs

- Kettlebells (8kg - 40kg)

- Dumbbells (1kg - 50kg)

- DAP Cable Machine

- 4 Cross Trainers

- Functional Training Rig


- Balls, Steps, Rollers, Bands

- 5 Fixed Resistance Machines

We also have:

- 2 Showers

- A Breakout Area

- Changing cubicles

- Lockers

- Toilets

- Plenty of free parking


We have a team of 4 friendly and qualified Gym Instructors, 1 of which will always be on duty when you are in.

We also have a team of 6 Personal Trainers, group fitness instructors and a therapies team.

You can benefit from Chiropractic, Sports Massage, Beauty aesthetics and Hairdressing here at Reasons too!

All of our team are here to support you on your journey of health & fitness.


Our All inclusive membership is £49.50 per month.

We have various promotions throughout the year to help save you money, be sure to click the "SEND ME THE DETAILS" button on this page!

We do not have a minimum term or any hard bearing contract agreements. The last thing we want to do is charge you for something that you don't want.

Welcome To Reasons Fitness...

Are you looking to make positive changes to your health & fitness?

Do you want to find the best place for you to feel confident and inspired?

If that is you...You're in the right place!

Reasons Fitness have been helping people to transform and live a positive healthy life since the doors opened in 2012.

We have 2 connected units on East Portway boasting a whole range of cardio and weights equipment.

Our gym is always under the careful watch of a friendly, qualified instructor, and we have a team of Personal Trainers who can assist you with your goals.

The biggest difference with us, is that our training environment is always positive. We want the best for all of our members, and in turn, our gym floor is one of mutual respect and encouragement.

We treat it like "one team" here and we would love for you to join us!

There are 2 types of membership on offer to suit what you are looking for.

One is a GYM ONLY membership and the other is our flagship ALL INCLUSIVE membership.

Everything is outlined below. Have a read, choose which one suits you best and you can become a member within minutes.

Do something positive and powerful for your health and self today.

The Reasons Team.


We are the ONLY gym that has moved our entire ethos ONLINE!

The Facility

At Reasons, we have created a variety of training spaces for you. Including, a dedicated studio for group cycling, a "rooftop garden" for stretching and mindfulness and a state of the art performance zone.

You'll see a positive message throughout the facility including some beautiful, bespoke graffiti on the walls!

We have 2 showers (Male and Female) changing cubicles, a bar/social area, lockers, toilets and drinking water machines.

Training at Reasons

With 4 dedicated free weights areas, 6 racks, 6 benches, fixed resistance machines and 4 sets of dumbbells We have plenty of resistance training equipment to help you get great results.

We also have treadmills, bikes, rowers, ski-ergs, assault bikes and x-trainers for your cardio training!

Our Gym Instructors will be able to show and help you how to use safe and effective technique and our group fitness timetable will help you get results in a positive and supportive class environment!

We have added a new dedicated area for performance training that includes a wall mounted rig, heaps of free weights and a prowler track. You will be able to train like an athlete in a safe and enjoyable environment.


We know from our data that all of our top case studies and success stories have experienced 3 key factors.

1. A great exercise plan

2. Mental shifts in their healthy living habits and confidence

3. Social experiences that glue everything together. Other people who add a positive influence on their journey.

That is why we are taking a positive and proactive step to innovate from the core outwards by changing our philosophy as a company.

We want to help serve the whole Human by bringing as much value and structure as possible in all 3 areas.

We will do whatever we can to help create a positive community inside and outside of our 4 walls.

The Reasons Way...



People are stressed and stretched more than ever these days and the gym can be an amazing place to go and let off some steam, do something productive and feel good about yourself.

We recognise that the fitness industry needs to develop and evolve. Focusing on the Physical element of health on it's own is just not enough. 

We have seen that the sweet spot for transformation is to have Mental and Social elements in addition to great Exercise solutions.

Our members will be able to enjoy a full range of self development. From results driven exercise programs, a variety of top range equipment, plenty of training space, nutritional tips, incredible classes, mindfulness programs and even meditation courses!

We will provide the full spectrum of health and encourage you to share it with other like-minded people of all shapes and sizes.

Our new emphasis on social experiences will make sure that our training environment and our culture invites people to connect. We know that results in health & happiness require a social strategy. 

We will have regular monthly events including member nights, live seminars and weekly coffee mornings scheduled onto our timetable!

What some of our members say...


Our Life Changing Program!

Included with the All Inclusive membership

My Strongest Reason 12-Stage Journey

We know that at the end of the day, it is very high on your priorities to achieve a physical change.
That is why we engineer your experience to massively increase the chances of success.
The BACKBONE to our exercise philosophy is our 12-Stage Journey.
Now, You are more than welcome to just come in, do your thing, and train in the best gym in town ;)
...but should you wish to have some help and guidance along the way, this is what we have for you:


We have customised the journey to be as relevant, specific and success focussed as possible.

Each stage is done completely at your own pace under the support and guidance of our gym team. The journey lasts 12 weeks on average.


Our 12 Stage journey starts with an initial consultation. In this session we focus on highlighting the areas of fitness we need to develop over the next 12 stages in order for you to get incredible results.

We then use our specifically chosen performance tests to quantify your starting levels. These are specific tests that we will use to track your progress throughout the 12 stages.



Your instructor will create a bespoke training program for you and show you exactly how to do the exercises in your program, safely and effectively.

Your program is designed to help you increase overall performance in as little time as possible.

You’ll also receive our nutrition guide, online resources and access to our private members only Facebook group for extra support.

You’ll be well on your way to success with our proven training methods and everything you need to adapt & improve.

Following on from this we’ll review your progress every four stages allowing us to adjust your program and to make sure you are continuing to get results.


We Are Here To Support YOU!

Our online membership is closely monitored DAILY by our Instructors. There are brand new workouts and articles posted, as well as your questions answered!


90% - You Are Nearly There!

Claim one of our FREE 1-2-1 Workouts and come and see what it's like at Reasons Fitness!

Come on in, meet one of our friendly Instructors, and go through a safe, fun and effective PERSONAL workout session!

No obligation to join, but should you like what you see, we can discuss our various membership options with you, ranging from £30 - £49.50 per month.